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Seattle Times Sunday Pictorial

Seattle Times Sunday Pictorial - September 8th, 1974

CHINESE HERBS and the ancient knowledge of their healing powers are combined at the Hen Sen Herb Co. in Seattle's International District.

Approximately 1,400 herbs are available at the shop where small cabinet drawers full of dried seeds, stems, roots, pods, flowers, grasses and gourd skeletons line the walls. Two hundred of these herbs form the working collection used in the tea recommended for customers....Read More.

Seattle Times 10 23 74

Seattle Times - Our Community October 23rd, 1974

Seattle's International district has a registered, practicing herb specialist, Hen Sen Chin, and many people consult him about their ailments.

His shop, located at 422 8th South, contains over 1400 various herbs, kept in attractive, black drawers, which line the walls, with Chinese inscriptions written on them. Healthy green plants grow in the window display. Read More.

Seattle Times View September 11th 1977

The Seattle Times - September 11th 1977

When is food medicine? And when are medicinal herbs food?

The answer to both questions, according to Chinese herbal medicine, is that the two are interchangeable.

Hen Sen Chin, a Chinese herb specialist practicing in the International District, is treating patients who have a variety of bodily disorders using a natural approach.

..Read More.

Herbal Healers

Herbal Healers, Hen Sen Chin in The Seattle Times 1984

"Doc had the solemn visage of a Manchu emperor and all the reassuring bedside confidence you'd expect of a fourth-generation physician."

The Idaho pioneers who quaffed Dr. C.K. Ah-Fong's mysterious healing herbal potions included the governor and several state senators as well as many "celestials' (as whites then called the Chinese immigrant community).Ah-Fong also treated miners - and the honky-tonk girls whose favors they brawled for. Read more.


"The Seattle P-I - March 13th 1984"

Inside glass cases are a dried bear gall bladder and 15 herbs used in the Chinese treatment for hemorrhoids.

Along the walls are historical photos documenting the life and times of C.K Ah-Fong, a Chinese herbalist who operated in the late 1800s as an herbal doctor in Idaho.

The herbs and photos are part of an exhibit of herbal medicine on display through.... Read more.


The Article from Discover China

The practice of Chinese medicine has a history of more than five thousand years, its beginning dating back to Shen-nong (the "saintly farmer"), who tried hundreds of herbs in order to "cure people of their illness."

Since ancient times, when Chinese doctors first observed the remarkable curative powers of certain plants, traditional Chinese medicine has been....Read more.


Hen Sen Chin featured in Seattle Post with Choy Kai Chiu.


Juliana Chin (left) at the age of 18 with her father (right) and the patient (middle)
whose cancer miraculously disappeared - 1/31/1992 Seattle Chinese Post.