No.9 Pills - Promote Bowel

No.9 Pills

The herbs in the Number 9 pills support the colon and help with constipation. Bowel movements are essential to move food, bad bacteria and toxins out. Some patients suffer from constipation after having trouble with their digestive system when they have to take medication. Others see changes when they start sitting at a desk job or stop being active. Sometimes it's just a matter of old age, or a combination of all three. No matter what caused it, your body can heal. The Number 9 pills work to cleanse the colon and lubricate the digestive tract creating easy bowel movements. Healthy bowel movements help the body process nutrients from the foods we eat. When this happens, it helps the body fuel itself, and allow all the organs to function properly. About a pound of poop a day needs to be eliminated. When we get constipated the whole body suffers. The system gets backed up like a long chain reaction. As you can see in the diagram, the colon is connected to the stomach and on it goes. When backed up, the colon is not able to do it's job of obsorbing nutrients essential for other organs to function. This is why it is important to make sure the colon can do it's job consistently.

Ingredients: Dang Gui, Da Huang, Zhi Shi and Hou Po

Intestine diagram