Zheng Gu Shui - External Analgesic Lotion

This tincture is based on an age-old folk formula which is being nationally kept confidential in a specific region. Its superior quality and strict manufacturing processes have earned it a Gold Award and Silver Award given by the Guangxi Regional Peoples's Government and The State Council. Due to the unique formula and obvious effect, Zheng Gu Shui is internatinally reputed for easing pain associated with sprains during sportive exercises and rheumatism.

The Close Relationship Between Zheng Gu Shui and Exercise
"Life Relies Upon Exercise" is a sage axiom Biology tells us that life is the highest form of organic exercise and our health - the normal exercise in life - is directly related to an appropriate amount of physical exercise and sports. A saying runs thus: "Running water does not rot. windows and pivots know no decay." which means that machinery which is left idle for too long will get rusty and out of order, just as a man who does not exercise will suffer a degeneration in the function of organs. From research on animals' behavior, one finds that wild animals enjoy a life span twice as long as of domestic animals and are stronger and more energetic. The simple reason is that to survive, they have to run around in the wilderness, so the large amount of physical exercise fully strengthens the function of various organs, accelerates metabolism and prevents premature degeneration and withering of organs. Therefore human beings need exercise. Applying Zheng Gu Shui after exercise will provide temporary relief from aches and pains and has a remarkable therapeutic effect