AE - Clear Skin Antiallergenic


AE was developed to be anti-allergenic and to help the skin. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-mutation properties. Someone with oily skin, reddish complexion, or who is more prone to acne, tends to have an excess of yang and heat in the body. Excess of yang and heat create headaches due to hypertension, skin and eye disease. As our body is more vulnerable to external pathogens and changes in the weather, AE clears toxins through the pores, which clears the skin, inflammation and even helps us breath deeper. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the skin is associated with the lungs and large intestine. They all share the function of filtering toxins. The lungs (including the entire respiratory and immune system, not just the anatomical organ of the lungs) control the opening and closing of pores on the skin. When the lungs are weak, the pores on the skin remain open, causing a runny nose, itchy eyes and skin to be inflamed. This opens up the body to receive viruses and bacteria to form, weakening the filtering ability of the large intestine. Internally, the large intestine’s response to filtering toxins is through the bowels. We suggest combining AE with Taifu Plus when there are digestive issues. AE works to clear up the whole system and allow blood to nourish your skin and other organs to function properly. For some specific yang type health problems like Arthritis, AE is combined with D12.


fang feng, Jing Jie, lian qiao, bo he, chuan xiong, dang gui, bai shao, bai zhu, shan zhi zi, da huang, shi gao huang qin, jie geng, gan cao, hua shi, fu ping, mang xiao.